This site was created by a group of 10th grade students from "Dimitrie Cantemir" National College that participates in the Euroscola 2018 competition. They are running the "Erasmus+, Explore It with Us" campaign, to promote the European-funded project "FUTURE CAREER? TOUCH IT!", that lasted between 2016 and 2018 inside "Dimitrie Cantemir" National College Oneşti.

What is Euroscola?

The European Parliament created the Euroscola programme to inform the young generations about the process of european integration and to promote their part in the building of the European Union. It reunites periodically highschool students from the 28 member states, giving them the chance, for one day, to find out how The European Parliament functions, to make new friends and to share visions and expectations.

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the newest programme of the European Union that addresses the following: education, growth, youth and sports for the 2014-2020 period. Its objectives are the development of skills and helping you reach the professional market by offering you different opportunities in education, sports and youth activities.


Access to education, development and volunteering programs from abroad for 4 million European citizens.

Targeted strategies:

  • Europe 2020, for economic growth, jobs, social equality and integration;
  • EU for the young;
  • ET 2020 Strategic framework for education and training.


  • Minimising unemployment rate, especially among the young;
  • Promoting adult education, especially in the domain of new competences required on the market;
  • Encouraging the young to participate in the European democratic life;
  • Supporting innovation, cooperation and reform;
  • Minimising school drop-out;
  • Promoting cooperation and mobility with EU member states.


Erasmus+ is the newest programme of the European Union that addresses the following: education, growth, youth and sports for the 2014-2020 period. Its objectives are the development of skills and helping you reach the professional market by offering you different opportunities in education, sports and youth activities.

Erasmus+ inside the "Dimitrie Cantemir" National College, Oneşti




  • Key Action: KA 1;
  • Period: 01/10/2016 - 30/09/2018;
  • Budget: 63248€;
  • Beneficiaries: 20 11th grade students, Mathematics - Computer science profile, intensive English;
  • Partners:


  • Developing transnational partnerships with IT firms;
  • Developing students’ knowledge, skills and IT competencies to meet the standards for a „skilled” employee;
  • Improving students’ team work spirit and skills;
  • Improving students’ adaptability, creativity, resourcefulness and critical thinking by facilitating interaction within a new social, cultural and professional environment.

Main activities:

Participation in a 3-week training programme in Portsmouth, Great Britain (10 students per session in 2017 and 2018, respectively). The students created and developed Android applications under the supervision of specialists from the University of Portsmouth and the partner organisations, Training Vision and Infonet Media.


All participating students gained real valuable work experience in an IT company in a multicultural environment, which facilitated or will facilitate their choice of the most suitable career paths after graduating from college and their integration in the labour market after graduation. All participating students received their Europass Mobility and they created 9 Android apps and 5 sites:

Training programme 1 - 2017:

  • Auto Message – Rareş Agachi, Bogdan Ciolpan;
  • Know Your Location – Felix Ifrim, Vlad Manole, Andrei Mîrţ;
  • Shopping Organiser – Bianca-Maria Panţâru, Teodora-Elena Zgăvîrdici;
  • Phone-Reply Assistant – Flavian Porfir, Darius Sandu, Călin-Andrei Rogoza.

Training programme 2 - 2018:

Promoting campaign

Period: 03/10/2018-17/10/2018


  • Promoting the activity of the students, direct beneficiaries of the two forming stages in the field of IT in Great Britain, as part of the "FUTURE CAREER? - TOUCH IT!" project, 2016-1-RO01-KA102-024210;
  • Informing the local population about the benefits of Erasmus+ mobility projects in the field of education;
  • Comprehending the importance of partnerships and european-funded programmes for the education of teens and adults.


  • The organization of 2 where the apps of the participants were presented;
  • An article published in the Oneşti Express newspaper;
  • with some of the participants that took part in this project;
  • An active Facebook group where young people share experiences, ask questions or socialize;
  • This website 😁


  • The impact of the campaign consisted of the two workshops in which over 100 students participated, 9th, 10th and 11th graders, where the oldest presented their apps and highlighted the benefits of the project.
  • Over 5 institutions and companies participated in promoting this european-funded project.
  • Our Facebook page has around 800 likes, and our students are welcome to join our group to find out more about the campaign.
  • After the interpretation of the feedback questionnaires given to the participants of the 2 workshops, we have this data:
    • 88%, respectively 75% of the participants felt happy and optimistic at the end of the activity
    • 86%, respectively 88% of the participants consider that in the following 2 years such projects are necessary for the students and teachers at our college
    • Students’ expectations from such a project are: preparing for a career (24%, respectively 22%), developing IT skills (24%, respectively 20%), learning about a new culture (15%, respectively 16%), gaining experience in a multicultural environment (15%, respectively 12%), teamwork (12%, respectively 23%), obtaining Europass Mobility for their resumes (10%, respectively 7%)
    • 85%, respectively 61% of the participants feel and strongly feel that they are European citizens
    • 95%, respectively 90% of the participants consider and strongly consider that teens need to participate in European projects
    • Download the graphs (zip format)
  • Stats about the online impact in 22.10.2018:
    • The campaign Facebook page was viewed by 2043 people, getting 875 likes and shares;
    • The Facebook group has a total of 73 members, 178 likes and comments;
    • The number of likes and shares of the campaign materials posted on the team members’ personal pages reach a total of over 500.

We are on Facebook!

You can contact us on our Facebook page, where we post regularly and keep the users posted on our progress.

There is also a group that has been created, for the people who want to find out more from the participants of the project (you will find it associated with our page).